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A fantastic tool for prototyping
Mathew Layton
Mathew LaytonPrincipal Software Engineer
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Latest version: 2.12.1

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Compile and run JavaScript with instant feedback.

Navigating the JavaScript ecosystem can be complicated. From bundlers to transpilers to package managers, there's a lot to know and a lot to set up before you can even begin to start writing code. RunJS makes it easy, one app, zero configuration needed, simply an isolated space for you to focus on writing code with instant results.

RunJS is free for you to download and use. If you'd like to do more with RunJS, such as installing NPM packages, opening multiple tabs, creating snippets, using language services and much more, purchase a license and get unlimited access to all features.

Reduce the feedback loop between writing and running your code. Get live results as you type.

A JavaScript playground for your desktop. Perfect for testing the latest JavaScript features and libraries. This is my go-to app for playing around with JavaScript. 👌🏻
Amit Merchant
Amit MerchantCoder and artist

Whether you're a beginner just starting out or a seasoned coder, tinkering with code can be a great way to learn and level up.

Really enjoying how fun and easy it is to practice my JS programming and sketch out ideas with RunJS. Love that the interface is so clean too.
Fred Lunjevich
Fred LunjevichSoftware Engineer

NPM integration makes trying out new libraries quick and easy.Premium

Woah, here's a slick way to learn/experiment/teach JavaScript: RunJS. - Compiles via Babel - TypeScript support - Reference npm packages - Runs your code on every keystroke
Cory House
Cory HouseSoftware Developer, Author, Speaker, Consultant

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