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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Will my license still be valid after one year?

Yes, your license will always be valid and you will have access to all the premium features of your current version of RunJS. The one year period only relates to updates.

What will happen to my license after one year?

After one year you'll have the option to renew your license to continue getting updates. You will still have access to all the premium features on your current version of RunJS.

What is the price of renewing my license?

The current price of renewing a license is $19.00. Local taxes may apply.

Can I transfer my license to different computers?

Yes. To do this, open the 'Manage License' modal from the app menu and click 'Deactivate License'. This will free up your license for use on another computer.

Alternatively, you can also use the online license manager to deactivate your license on a particular computer.


Which version of Node/Chromium/V8 does RunJS use?

  • Node: 20.9.0
  • Chromium: 122
  • V8: 12.2

Which shortcuts does RunJS support?

A full list of shortcuts can be found in the docs.

Why does the output appear out of order?

By default, RunJS will display the output of your code on the same line as the corresponding source. For example, here are two statements on lines two and four, respectively and their output results are displayed on the same lines:

output matching source lines

In some scenarios, this behaviour might not be what you want for example, if you're running asynchronous code and expecting the output results to appear in a particular order. In that case, you can turn this behaviour off by going to the preferences and unticking the Match Lines option.

match lines option