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class Greeter<T> {
greeting: T;
constructor(message: T) {
this.greeting = message;
greet() {
return this.greeting;

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Made for TypeScript tinkerers

RunJS makes it easy to try out new ideas before implementing them into your project.

I wish I had RunJS when I was a student [at] FlatironSchool. Awesome way to learn JavaScript and TypeScript fundamentals. Also perfect for exploring new libraries.



With access to both Node and Browser APIs, RunJS is a very versatile environment to tinker in.

RunJS is a fantastic tool for prototyping and testing JavaScript and TypeScript code.
Mathew Layton

Mathew Layton

NPM integration makes trying out new libraries quick and easy.Premium

Just discovered RunJS and it's a game changer! Much better than opening VSCode, creating a test.js file and running 'node test.js'. 😅
Maxim Orlov

Maxim Orlov

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